From canoeing the mighty Huron River to Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Troop 8 at St. Thomas Church runs the most amazing year-round outdoor adventure and leadership program in the area.

Venture: Out of the Woods

We are pleased to report that all of the scouts emerged from the woods promptly at 7:30am this morning at Petit Lake, looking happy and a bit dusty.  Earl gifted us with a brief morning thunderstorm, while Scouter Steve broke out a large supply of homemade banana bread / chocolate chip muffins.  Everyone then spent an hour or so sharing stories and taking photos while loading up the cars.

Venture: The Journey Continues

For everyone following at home, we have at least the projected path of the gang for the coming days!  Weather has had some afternoon buildup thunderstorms, and this morning saw a weather system from the south bring rain to the whole area.  That's really good for the mountains, which have been dry, but makes it more of a challenge for the guys!

Venture: Half Way There

Thursday this past week the resupply team of Steve and Bob headed out to the North Fork of Baron Creek and the (very) small town of Grandjean, ID in order to do a food drop and resupply to the guys in the field.  We weren't waiting for very long before Jason contacted us via HAM Radio to get our exact location, and the team of Scouters Max and Tim, plus Jack, Pike, Paul, and Dawa showed up carrying garbage and spare food and looking for the second week's supply.   Steve and Bob, being the nice guys that they are, had watermellon, fresh blueberries, and brownie bites w

Venture: Logistics & Into the Woods

Saturday in Sun Valley proved to be a logistics day, as the crew went about reconfiguring from car ride to backpacking mode.  Food was divvied up.  Food bags were dropped and broken and repackaged.  Food was re-divvied up.  Packs were packed.  And repacked.  And repacked again.  Several rides were made into town to address buckle failures, adult ice axes, and the fact that Paul's and Dawa's pack hipbelts were too big.  Scouter Steve proved to be the gear loan master of last resort.  There was much entertainment as the exploding of multipl

Venture: Arrived in Idaho

Just a quick report on the crew.  They have successfully arrived in Idaho after an amusing cross-country road trip, the farthest we have ever driven.  With 12 people piled into two cars with the aid of the Steinl gear bin on the top of Scouter Max's car, the crew made it fairly quickly to Chicago.  Along the way Jack realized that the route Pike had planned would add another 6 hours to the trip, so a dynamic adjustment was made at lunch and we proceeded on I-90 instead of I-94.

Final Friday

Thursday afternoon and Friday at camp were competition days, with Patrols A, D, and F representing Troop 8 in the camp-wide water regatta, and Friday featuring Troop 8 patrol competitions.

The regatta was a fun experience for all involved. Some were eager to compete in events and show our dominance, while some were content to encourage their fellow members and watch the staff members party like it's 1799. (At least that's what they looked like; I'm pretty sure they weren't allowed to smile back then)

Highlights from the regatta include: 

Thursday night: Let's Throw A Party - Troop 8 Style

Continuing the tradition of bringing Troop 8 flair to summer camp, our fearless trip leaders made sure to plan an evening to show Canadians how to party. While the scouts were out for their morning activities and the regatta, the adults began preparing for the festivities. Scouters Ray, Max, and Darian built and installed a new 40-foot flagpole to greet the guests and helped ready the sound system, strobe machine, and Christmas lights - all necessary features of "Troop 8 Party Central."

Thursday is beautiful!

Hi All! We're back up in our telecommunications at camp, after losing Bob's iPhone to the lake and losing Bob's iPad to the Wednesday evening out (Bob is looking quite sad, but we got him a Diet Coke so that he should feel better). Scouter Steve has arrived with a laptop, and Scouter Nate has now run his phone up the flagpole for digital connectivity.

Wednesday update!

T8 Update
As Wednesday morning dawned, the weather was beautiful. Morning was rather relaxed with Patrol F heading out to geocaching and Patrol E practiced flat water kayaking in preparation of their Thursday expedition.

Day 4: Full of Sound and Fury

Tuesday morning dawns bright and warm in camp, and the patrols are up putting together breakfast burritos. Most of the patrols are getting a breakfast routine down, and the guys are eating pretty well, even with extra support for the hyper-finicky eaters (note to parents: allowing finicky eaters is not a service!).

The patrols today are heading out to multiple camp activities. Patrol A and F have a climbing sequence today, beginning with the camp climbing wall and moving through a low-ropes course and finishing in the afternoon with a rappel off a huge cliff.