The Troop 8 Underground Press

The Underground Press is a special project of Troop 8 Scouts which began in the early '90s under the tenure of Life Scout Andy Kraemer. As the publishing arm of the troop, it provides books and other compilations of interest to Troop 8 scouting and the general community. Sure we do.The first project was the slow compilation of The Underground Song and Quote Book, which spent several years on the banned books list in many countries. 

The Press brings you a wealth of "unofficial" scouting information which is brutally honest, irreverent, humorous, and occasionally even correct. If your neckerchief slide is kept so tight that you can't handle this, then tough Pemmican Bars. Go browse the other (more boring!) "official" BSA sites!

Over the years we've gradually added to our collection of materials.  While originally written as internal documents, the level of interest from fellow scouts and scouters around the net has caused us to slowly start to adapt our materials to be useful to a wider audience.  If you find something here that is useful to your troop or crew, please be sure to let the authors know!    They do work for peanuts, but at least an occasional pat on the head keeps them typing!