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A guide to Troop 8

Welcome to Troop 8 Adventures!

This is Troop 8's general information section/booklet about our outdoor adventures program for guys.  While we're affiliated with scouting, this is not your grandfather's traditional scout troop!  If you're a 6th grader or older guy who is interested in challenges and adventure but not so much in little kid stuff, or if you're a Webelos who is looking for something way cool and totally different than Cub Scouts you should check us out.  You can click through the book in order or navigate the table of contents below.   This is also a good place to look if you're an older guy who thinks some stuff we do may be cool, but you wouldn't be caught dead doing dumb stuff in a uniform. Check it out

If you're a parent looking for an activity for your son, you can flip through the front section, but you should also take a look at some of the material in the parent information parts of this booklet.   That will help guide you to determine if we might be a good fit for your family, as well as give you some tips to help your son prepare for success in the program when he joins

For our friends in Scouting across the U.S. and the world, welcome back!   We're slowly moving things over to our new Resources section, where you can find Troop 8 publications and other resources to help you develop and improve the scouting program in your area.