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Barton Hills Country Club
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2001 - 2009
I was a Scout and active member in Troop8 for seven years. I volunteered and worked at Chief Logan Boy-scout camp for three years. I held Positions including Outdoor Adventure Staffer, Waterfront Staffer, Assistant C.O.P.E. Director, and Assistant First Aider. I have earned my Wilderness First Aid and First Responder Certifications. I am currently Lifeguard, and Heart Saver certified. I have worked in the retail of outdoor technical equipment. I love camping and the Outdoors and wish to share my experience and enthusiasm with the next generation of Troop 8 Outdoor Fanatics.
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Favorite Books: Comics, diary of a wimpy kid, Dr. Seuss, eragon, Fantasy, Flowers for Algernon, House of the Scorpion, I have too many it would overload the server, other good stuff, Petit Nicholas, The Count of Monte Cristo, the ear the eye and the arm, the eye, The Giver

Favorite Music: beastie boys Linkin Park, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, I like to Move Move it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Journey, Led Zeppelin, lil wayne, play me some music and I'll probably like it!, red hot chili peppers, Reggae, the phantom of the opera

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: American Gangster, Animal Planet!, Captain America the first avenger, Dr. Who, Dr.Who, house, House M.D., Inception, Sherlock Holmes, star trek, Stargate (all of them), Thor, Transformers, Troop 8 TV

Favorite Trips: Alleghenies, Alleghenies and Summer Camp '08 (Ohiopyle), and the one where Ben set the aluminum table on fire, and the one where James got digits from the Girl Scouts as a first year, and the one where Nathan made me projectile vomit, Bruce Trail Canada, Canoeing trips, conoe weekend, crossover campout, Fun Nights, heck they are all awesome!, Holiday Valley, Northwoods, ones with bad weather, polar bear, Red River Gorge, skiing, summer camp, Summer Camp '08 (Ohiopyle - lovely day for a swim!), vermont

Interests: Alot, and everything, Backpacking, being awesome, being awesome A lot, being awesome Some more, Biking, biology, breaking Computers, Camping, Canoeing, Carbohydrates, chocolate chip cookie education policy while kayaking, chocolate chip cookies, climbing, cookies, Cooking, debating, Eating, education, Everything, fire, food, Hiking, kayaking, law, Life, lunch tray sledding, matters of extreme yet refined class, mountain biking, mountaineering, movies, music, Nature, philosophy, Reading, rock climbing, rowing, science, Scouting, setting things on fire, skydiving, sleeping, snowball fights, snowboarding, Spanish, Swimming, technology, Telemark Skiing, tornados, travel, video games, winter

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