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Ann Arbor Open
Hi. I am a first year named Joey Simon. I am actually a shoop da whoop, but please don't tell anybody. I am also obsessed with roller coasters , cats, RCT3, Minecraft, and being epic. If you do not leave this web page right now, I will come after you. HAHAHAHHSHSHSHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH •_• =] ^_^ ._. :| and emoji ???? oh and by the way if you hear "HDJAKAJDJXJFNDJDEIEUFUSMSJFJRJ" then that's probably me.

Favorite Books: Allen and Mike's Really Cool Backpackin' Book!, and the harry potter series, Dr. Seuss, Graphic Novels, green eggs an ham, Hatchet

Favorite Music: Benny Benassi, deadmau5, dubstep, Glitch Mob, Good moosac, Gorillaz, I like to Move Move it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, In the Hall of the Mountain King, JUSTIN BEABER!!!!(Just kidding seriously he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), minecraft music, Queen, The Pokemon theme song

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: adventure time, Guardians of the Galaxy, Howl's moving castle, regular show, Star Wars, Teen titans go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, The avengers, The Hobbit, Wipeout, Wreck-it Ralph

Favorite Trips: crossover campout, pine river, SUMMER CAMP 2014 HALIBURTON!!!!!, they are all awesome!

Interests: 404 error, airplanes, and... LOOK UP IN THE SKY! IT'S A- A- *Stab* I also enjoy assassinating you >:D, archery, baseball, basketball, being awesome, Burning stuff, Camping, cats, chocolate chip cookies, climbing, computers, cookies, crashing cars into brick walls, Doing stuff, Double Bass, emoji •_•, fire, getting fired at by shoop da whoops, KILLING PEOPLE, not KILLING PEOPLE, Origami, petting cats, ROLLER COASTERS!!!!!, Saving Gotham City, Saying QWERTY MELONS and KGLERIFUB, Saying WEEEE, Scheming Sinister Plans for World Domination!, setting things on fire, shoop da whoops, skiing, skydiving, sleeping, slow motion, Stabbing people, Stalking you-I MEAN- Violin, sword fighting with Robin, The dark arts *hehehe*, video games, Violin, Watching Drew hurt himself, x-plosives

This is me when you are not around.

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2001 - 2008
Seven years in Troop 8 Engineering Physics student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Assistant working on the hydrodynamics of leatherback sea turtles
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David is a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He's majoring in some manner of technical thing while running across the frozen lake in the winter and biking up and down the campus in the... well, ok, there's not much besides winter there.

Favorite Books: A Song of Ice and Fire (series), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy, the ear the eye and the arm, Watchmen

Favorite Music: classical, Disney Music, five iron frenzy, Gustav Holst, Jupiter, Mulan, showtunes, Soundtracks, the phantom of the opera, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Tom Lehrer

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Chuck, Daily Show, Firefly

Favorite Trips: Canoeing trips, Ice Climbing, vermont

Interests: airplanes, Biking, Board Games, Cooking, engineering, entrepreneurship, fixing computers, Hiking, kites, lunch tray sledding, nerdy debate, photography, pondering, showtunes, skydiving, snowball fights, technology, travel, winter, writing

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