Climbing Instruction Progression

Troop 8’s in-house guide to climbing instruction, including approved techniques, skill progression, and common sense.
Bob Geier and Ian Darnell

This document presents an overview of climbing instructional practice in Troop 8. It’s designed to provide the scouter who is new to the Venture program in the troop with a basic outline of the program and instructional progression, while serving as a resource for the more experienced scout or scouter in setting up instruction for a new crew.


This little addendum to the scoutmaster’s guide is NOT going to be able to provide competent instruction in rock climbing, especially rock climbing supervision. There’s no substitute here for experience under a qualified instructor, coupled with experience under the gentle but firm instruction of a qualified rock. What this is designed to do is provide you with an overview of the system, and some things that a good troop instructor needs to be mindful of when working with young climbers.


In the spirit of internet scouting, it is provided on the net to help those units who have a climbing program, or who are looking to add one. Here again, safety comes through genuine experience and judgement; reading our curriculum and/or other books about climbing are not even remotely sufficient to set up a climbing program. Find a good climber with some instructional expertise to help you out.