Advancement Requirements

These are the official requirements for advancement in the Level 1 and Level 2 Trial of Fire.


What is a Trial of Fire? Unlike other BSA troops, we choose to put your skills to the test instead of just signing off in a book that you can do something. When your patrol leader thinks that you're ready, he'll recommend you for the Trial of Fire, a special campout where show that you are proficient in all of the skills listed below. However, in the Trial of Fire, you will be going at it alone, without anybody else to help you. There are three important things to remember about the TOF:

  • As said before, you will be alone on the Trial of Fire. You need to make sure you can do things on your own, without any help. This means practice. You never know if there's something you always rely on your patrolmates for unless you practice a lot and find out.
  • You will be tested on everything on the list. Mistakes are okay, but if it's obvious that you can't do something, you won't pass. Make sure you're up to scratch in all of your skills
  • The Trial of Fire can be very stressful, but this is part of the test. If you can do it alone under great stress, then we're confident that you can do it with your patrol under any conditions. How you respond to the stress will be a part of the test just like your technical skills. If you've practiced enough that you're confident in your abilities, you should do fine.

If you need help with anything, you should ask your patrol leader. They'll be happy to meet with you and help you review your skills!