Troop 8 in the News

When you hang out with the crazies in Troop 8 long enough, eventually something grabs the attention of the news media.   A number of articles by the former Ann Arbor News and other organizations have featured stories about Troop 8 and its members.

Scouts help save capsized family

Four Boy Scouts from Ann Arbor helped saved a family from possible drowning in a whitewater river after a sudden thunderstorm capsized the family's boat.  The Scouts from St. Thomas the Apostle School received a "Good Save'' from their troop. The award honors boys who have acted in timely defense of life or property. They have also been nominated for a national award for heroism from the Boy Scouts of America

Scouting program takes life again in Iraq

CAMP VICTORY, Iraq – On Saturday afternoons, a fenced-in patch of land outside Camp Victory becomes a ground for children to play and participate in their community. Young girl scouts sit around a table to decorate arts and crafts. Some of their eyes barely make it over the tabletop as service members show them how to paint with a brush. The boy scouts hurl dodge balls at one another, while others learn how to build a fire using just twigs

Scouts sail through expedition

Few high school students have such intriguing answers to the inevitable question: What did you do over summer vacation?  Among navigating a ship out of inclement weather, climbing a 3,000-foot active volcano and meeting the Governor General of Grenada, the Troop 8 Boy Scouts from St. Thomas Catholic Church in Ann Arbor struggle to answer that question without forgetting at least a few details.  The group of five high schoolers took a 23-day sailing expedition to the Caribbean as part of the troop's semi-annual venture trip

Scouts pedal and paddle in Denmark

Forget about pen-pal ties; today it all starts with email exchanges.  An unusual Danish-American cultural exchange began more than a year ago when Boy Scout Troop 8, of Ann Arbor's St. Thomas the Apostle parish, received a hit on its web site from the Erik Menved Troop in Denmark.  After exchanging several e-mails about differences in American and Danish culture and Scouting, Troop 8 was invited by the Menved troop to participate in a Danish scout Jamboree.  With that, the germ of an idea took hold.  Why not take the Danes up on their invitation, and turn the trip into a three-week cycling adventure in Denmark

Scouts tidy up trail on Mount Kilimanjaro

It's one thing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  It's quite another to come down laden with other people's trash.  Boy Scout Troop 8, run by St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Ann Arbor, returned July 9 after three weeks in Tanzania.  The high point of the trip was conducting a cleanup of Kilimanjaro, at 19,340 feet the highest point on the African continent.  Kilimanjaro, like Mt. Everest, has suffered from the effects of accumulated trash left by climbers on its popular routes.  Eight scouts and three adults each filled about five 30-gallon trash bags and carried them down the mountain.