Troop 8 Overview

What is Scouting all about? You might have heard things about uniforms, or crafts; you might remember being a Tiger Cub... Well, it's not about funny-looking uniforms or arts & crafts, and it's NOTHING like cub scouts. At St. Thomas Troop 8 and a lot of other troops around the country, it's a great, wild bunch of guys who share challenging times in the outdoors, exciting hobbies, and opportunities to lend a hand to others.


We're an outing club...

Every year, guys in Scouts at Troop 8 spend more time in the woods than many adults have spent in their lifetime. We go camping & traveling to all kinds of cool places, in all kinds of weather, to do all kinds of things. We have been:

  • Backpacking in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Canada, and Wyoming
  • X-country skiing in Michigan, Canada, and Vermont
  • Canoeing throughout Michigan
  • Whitewater rafting and kayaking
  • Mountain biking on wild trails
  • Caving in Pennsylvania and Indiana
  • Summer camping for two weeks
  • Rock climbing across the country
  • Ice Climbing in Canada and the U.S.
  • Glacier Mountaineering on Kilimanjaro in Africa
  • Downhill skiing on the highest peaks in Michigan, New York, and Vermont, and backcountry skiing in Colorado
  • Swimming, playing softball, & other sports
  • Playing Laser Tag, golfing, bowling
  • Fishing on cool lakes and rivers
  • Waterskiing and sailboat racing on the Great Lakes
  • Sailing in the Caribbean

and lots more...

Are you the kind of guy who likes trying new things? Who loves adventures? Who can "handle it" when the going gets tough? Then Scouting will be a blast!


We're a wilderness school...

Troop 8 and Boy Scouting don't do "field trips." The adults aren't in charge: they don't make the plans, and they don't do everything for us. Scouting teaches you how to be a strong outdoorsman. We camp in rain, sleet, snow, and hurricane. You'll learn things like how to make a snow camp, run whitewater in a kayak, or rig a whole climbing rope system yourself. It's tough sometimes, but it's "for real" and totally awesome. Our guys learn things like:



  • Mountain biking and bicycle repair
  • Rock climbing & rope systems
  • Archery, rifle, and shotgun
  • Cooking, camping, and wilderness survival
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Downhill, cross-country, & backcountry skiing & avalanche avoidance
  • Mountaineering and glacier travel
  • Sailing and studying the weather and navigating by the stars
  • Canoeing, sailing, whitewater kayaking, rafting, and river rescue
  • Ecology, biology, and geology
  • Expedition planning and wilderness leadership


Do you like to do things for yourself? Do you like to really learn how to do cool things rather than just watch them? Would you like to become a great outdoorsman? Then Scouting is where you should be.



We're a hobby organization...

Although Troop 8 spends a lot of time in the woods, we do some amazing stuff in-town too. Our guys and scoutmasters share some of the best hobbies. Things like...


  • Amateur Radio... where you can have your own licensed radio station...
  • Computers... and things like this Troop 8 web site.
  • FRPGs and other board and strategy games.
  • "Gambling Merit Badge" and contests.
  • Model Rocketry... including contests and High Power Rocketry (H engines and above).
  • Photography and Video, including television production.
  • Aviation, electronics, astronomy, law, medicine, theology, and lots more.


And because it's scouting, you can learn how to do these things yourself. Do you like to play with lasers? Ever want to shoot great sports photos? Think about writing your own songs? Then Scouting is the place to make it happen.



We're a Service Organization...

Guys like you who are tough enough to do anything in the woods, smart enough to put together a TV series or publish a newsletter, and have great friends like the other guys in Scouts have a lot to share. At Troop 8 and in Scouting across the country, you get a chance to put your skills to work helping out the community. Things like...



  • Trail repair and construction
  • Cleaning up the environment
  • Citizenship & government proposals
  • Helping the Humane Society
  • Building playgrounds and renovating churches
  • Teaching first aid and other skills
  • Helping with programs for the handicapped
  • Winning Awards for lifesaving whitewater rescues

and, when the chips are down, rendering aid in an emergency. Scouts in Troop 8 have been involved in several rescues & emergency responses over the past few years, all of them successful.

Do you care about the community and the environment? Want to do things to help, not just talk? Would you like to even have the chance to save someone's life? Then you should join the Scouts.



And an added bonus...

The best part of the whole deal? If you stay in scouting and make it to "Eagle", not only do you know that you have the skills and leadership to handle almost anything, other people know it too!

  • One of our scouts worked part time for Chelsea Ambulance, while he was still in high school!
  • Another guy got accepted to college and scholarship programs, just because he's been a scout!
  • Another Troop 8 member was awarded free flying lessons by an aviation foundation, in part because of his work as a scout!

Many of our scouts become leaders in Troop 8 and in other troops and youth programs across the country.

The world looks for men who are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, brave; guys who are physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Scouts. Guys like you.


Troop 8, Boy Scouts. We're an outing club... a wilderness school...
a hobby group... a community service... a bunch of friends...

We're the best. Join our team. Be a Scout!