Assistant Scoutmaster

An Assistant Scoutmaster (aka "scouter") is an adult leader who works directly with boys in the program under the direction of the Scoutmaster.  Assistant Scoutmasters may serve as Field+Leader for outings, or as Merit Badge Counselors.  Often individual Assistant Scoutmasters will specialize in a particular program area and take the lead in that area.


Because Assistant Scoutmasters are a direct-contact position with youth, the position is by invitation only.  We do not accept unsolicited applications for Assistant Scoutmaster.   All scouters undergo fingerprinting and criminal records checks by the parish, and are required to complete Virtus youth protection training by the diocese.   We verify references of ASMs in a manner similar to the reference checks done for security clearances - we talk to both listed references and then to indirect references who were not listed by the applicant.   In addition, we expect Assistant Scoutmasters to have completed a minimum of Wilderness+First+Aid training, Leave+No+Trace camping skills, scouting training, and a supervised internship period with us of one or more years.