Summer Camp - We've Arrived!

By Jason Dean - Posted on 22 June 2019

Hello friends!

There’s an old saying that goes “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” Therefore, one can only conclude that the drive out is actually the most important part of Summer Camp, and that the trip has already peaked.

Even though it’s all downhill from here, we have a bunch of exciting activities planned for the week ahead, including overnight hiking and biking trips, rock climbing, caving, the River Hike (the best/worst thing ever, depending on who you ask), whitewater rafting, and, if the rain gets another activity canceled, geocaching (geocaching in the rain is a time-honored troop tradition, of course).

People have gotten settled in pretty well in our campsite located beneath the imposing visage of the Yough Lake Dam. Despite some interesting campsite choices by certain patrols, everyone has settled in fairly nicely. This will be a shorter update than usual, mostly because it’s hard to find stories that don’t involve people missing exits and having to go an extra 20 miles down the Pennsylvania Turnpike (not that that would ever happen to anybody). The first real update will come within a couple days, either written by me or the esteemed Eric Fretz. In my youth, I would do updates every day, but I’ve since come to realize that all work and no play makes Jason a dull boy. Tomorrow, Patrol G will start out on an overnight hike on the Laurel Highlands Trail, Patrol A will be rock climbing near downtown Ohiopyle, and Patrol D will be biking at Seven Springs, a local ski resort. (For some reason, my suggestion to rent skis when the demand is low fell on deaf ears). Tales from these adventures will (probably) come within the next few days, but in case they don't, no news is good news.

Here's an album of patrol's campsite photos. Hopefully later in the week we'll have pictures of more exciting things, taken by people who don't consider an iPhone 6 an acceptable photographic device.

Thanks for reading!