Meetings & Participation

Troop meetings are held one night a week, typically on a Monday or Tuesday.  Typically, they run from 7-8:30pm.  Indoor meetings are held in the St. Thomas Elementary School cafeteria, while outdoor meetings can be held at a variety of local parks in the area. The events and program at any given meeting vary extensively, depending on what the boys decide at the Patrol++++++++++Leader's+Council. Often meetings will include some skills instruction, time for individual patrols to meet for the boys to learn about upcoming events, and perhaps planning or preparation for an outing.   Boys can sign up for events at a meeting or on-line.   Meetings are also good places for our adult leaders to "check in" with each boy for guidance and encouragement.

In addition to regular indoor or outdoor meetings, the boys will occasionally plan a special event or "fun night" at places like Ann Arbor Whirly Ball or attending the Banff Outdoor Film Festival together as a group.

We ask that you help your son learn to be courteous and responsible in terms of meeting attendance.   The older boys and the adult leaders work very hard to put together meeting plans, often showing up half an hour early and leaving up to an hour late, on top of the planning they do beforehand.  It really hurts when boys don't take this effort by their friends and volunteer adult leaders seriously enough to show up, on time, and stay to the finish.     Scouting is a team, and meetings are the team practice before the game.