Patrol A

Patrol A now holds the record for the longest standing patrol that is currently active (Seriously, someone should get them some chairs) Of course, because this patrol is and has been comprised of such amazing individuals, we've seen no reason to break it up. Currently the largest patrol, Patrol A has recently gained the reputation of being "chill," but also adventurous and intrepid at the same time. 


Now, back in the day, the great and esteemed Mark Schulte led Patrol A out of the Dark ages and into a new Renaissance. However, all good times must come to an end, and the Golden Age of Patrol A was no different. However, current patrol leader Chris Kuzel tries to reinstate such glory as the days of old. 

Somewhat ironically, (Seeing as the esteemed Webmaster Mark Schulte came from this patrol) the current administration is unable to edit a webpage th change information that is about two years out of date, in which case the kind ASPL came down from Patrol Z and bestowed a description upon them.


Don't listen to any of this, this is way too outdated.  -Drew the current patrol leader

This will continue to get more amusing as time progresses and patrol leaders continue to change 

Patrol E!



um...First A post of 2011.... :D


My phone is broken. If you need to reach me call my home phone or my moms phone (734-730-6291)

Stolen Bike

Hi everyone, on Wednesday night, someone broke in to my garage and stole my bike. This means I currently don't have a bike to use. If anyone has a spare/old bike I could use until my old bike is recovered/replaced that would be great. Thanks, Jackson

loaner packs

I need to know if you have a loaner pack and if you have one bring it to summer camp but DO NOT put gear in it.

Why can't I edit this???!!

Why can't I edit this???!! This needs to be changed.

Repetition is repetitious?

Repetition is repetitious?