Patrol Dawesome


And your phones!!!

Article I

Section I

    Like a Bob!!!!! 

 Article II

Section I

      Patrol D is for Dawesome ( duh lurn to spel !!!!!! ). It's an awesome reputation that we live up to day and night, by beating all of the other patrols at everything.

Section II

       This is Patrol D, commonly referred to by your elder scouts as Patrol Delta (the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, capital ?, and lowercase ?). As the most awesome patrol (remember d is for Dawesome) Patrol D far exceeds patrols A, E, F, G,and Z in all ways, even while sleeping. Patrol D has a double edged reputation of being fast hikers with substandard navigational skill; hence the origin of our motto "D is for death march".

Section III

       In Patrol D your fearless leader is Captain Steinl  and aiding him in his nefarious plots is none other than the inestimable Thomas Larsen, who will do anything for a nickel accept give you a dime. This fearsome duo will help guide you through your Troop 8 and Patrol D experience, and make sure that you will fit in perfectly. If you need help with anything, (as long as it doesn't involve the Mafia and/or 30,000 dollars) don't hesitate to ask!

Section IV

Scouts in Patrol D are always the quickest up the ladder of advancement. Most of the patrol leaders originate from D, including Thomas, Shane, Evan, Drew, Nima, and Jack, as we are are the optimal patrol. 



My Email Password won't work. I tried it three times and am almost sure I got it right

Never Mind

I figured it out Your too late to help Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


What the heck liammmmmmmm

we need to get a poll for

we need to get a poll for something maybe summer camp all the other patrols have one

No they don't

They only 2 have polls!

How About.......

Well all you other guys are going to have to think of this poll My idea is......... Well I don't know how the poll works so thats too bad :-(




What the heck liammmmmmmm


D is for TAPIOCA PUDDING!!!!!!!!


Every one check out shane...

Every one check out cool

Every one check out cool stuff

I'm afraid you have no business the either

As you all know Jebidiah is the best bouncer on the whole wide Mün so watch out!

Every one check out cool

Every one check out cool stuff

Every one check out cool

Every one check out cool stuff

COME ON!!!!!

COME ON!!!!!

Hey, everybody!

Drew's nickname is now Duski (pronounced "Dooskee")!

Goodbye jack

Goodbye jack

cool stuff

cool stuff is awesome...... well if our in the plc it is awesome.

cool stuff

Hey guys! go to the cool stuff section in RESOURCES I think its pretty cool

Where? My computer doesn't

Where? My computer doesn't have that.

patrol d is awesome







Nima, I have no idea what most of the words you used even mean, much less heard of them.


Andrew don't you have better things to do like Naufragate a Battologist and make them blive Bubulcitate.




This is the first time I've had a chance to access the com. but I will tear thou to shreds(no I'm not kidding) if thou don't give me back my knife. I know thou stole it Bean, don't try to fake thou non-guityness!


Its funny because a certain knife was found in the troop room that bears a striking resemblance to the knife known to be owned by a patrica wellman and due to an ever helpfully person (A.K.A me) it has wound up in your patrol leaders Possession.


Yeah, that's right NINA (Nima was labeled as Nina at our bowling trip so eberyine call him Nina!)! :P


you really shouldn't engage in prestidigitation to confabulate it isn't very eleemosynary of you and it quite frankly obnubilates a lot of people. does that make you feel libidinous or something??????