Patrol F

After a series of scientific tests that are DEFINITELY NOT BIASED, 55 independent organizations found Patrol F to be the best patrol this side of the town has ever seen! (Unlike other patrols, there are no grammatical errors in this short blurb! Just another reason why we EAT OTHER PATROLS FOR APPETIZERS!)


how you doing today

hi I'm bored so I wrote this letter

I hope Brendan is okay

I hope Brendan is okay because I haven't seen him in a while

I hope Brendan is okay

I hope Brendan is okay because I haven't seen him in a while

I hope Brendan is okay

I hope Brendan is okay because I haven't seen him in a while

Patrol Z

Hello everyone, Jason is lonely on the patrol Z comments, so everyone talk on the patrol Z comments!

Please get this message to brendan

Hello, I sent you an email that I think you might want to read as soon as possible. -Adam (Patrol D) (about the art fair thing)


Like the city can't hold us or Like the ceiling can't hold us


The next person that doesn't answer there phone or your email I am going to go to your house and stalk you.


creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stalking them your too kind.


you don't want to eat them for breakfast???


Obviously, he means breakfast appetizers.

Yes, that's right, Jason.

Yes, that's right, Jason.

Happy New Year

Happy New year everybody.I hope you had a good one.I hope you had a good Christmas and a good 2012,I know I did.I have never skied before so when I go on the ski night I hope I don't hit the snow bank,go flying and crash on my head.I also hope that I can do pretty well because I'm not very good on the Wii fit or the X-box connect.Good luck to you all to!


we seriously need to update the website

Don't be a hater Klye

We really didn't fail.All we did was do something wrong.Those are two different things.We had to many cat tails and some of the sticks were to damp.Plus, wherever we lit the cat tails and other stuff,the twigs were like an inch away.I know the fire needs to breath but seriously?It was just a miss communication.

well we got better and FYI

well we got better and FYI you spelled my name wrong

f is for...

Based on firebuikding f is for failure

Happy Halloween

Happy halloween everybody.Hope you got lots of candy.I know I got enough.I know I did.

nobody in this patrol has

nobody in this patrol has wrote anything except me since summer camp right now


What are you talking about??????????????????????

F is for

Furious, Fantastic, Fun

F is for fearce

F is for fearce

F is for what?

I believe "fierce" has an "i", not an "a".

F is for ferious

F is for ferocious



F is for funky

funky is better than feirce or ferocious

F is for Funky

Guys, I agree, but it's F is for Funky nachos.

Great job

Nice one