Patrol Z (Senior Leadership)

One Patrol to rule the all!!! That is Patrol Z. Patrol Z is definitely the cool kid on the block. Everyone wants to be in it, it's the cool thing to do. (Who said peer pressure isn't good.) Members of Patrol Z having the following are; smart, handsome, kind, charming, and certainly humble. This patrol is easily distinguished from other patrols in the field by it's awesome meals, incredible thelma setup, and general disregard for caution or logical decisions.


Doeses yous is does celing teil likes aerospace engineering?

(aka. REAL rocket science) If so....

Download a simulator,
watch tutorials,
and if you like craziness, not explosiveless spaceflight watch this thing.....

If You want to learn how to make links like I did, just eMail me at, go here or ask me in REAL LIFE!


I see


members. You should update your patrol description.

It is done

All patrols have been succsesfully notified of Jason's lonliness.


P.S. Jason I am about to give your patrol a shout out. I expect to be payed in sugar&caffine


&chocolate&patrol-z-membership&lessons-on-how-to-use-the-space-bar&a-flying-peanut-brittle-o-matic-on-a-stick.-Also,-just-wondering,-on-a-scale-of 1-to-b-flat,-what-is-your-favorite-color-of-the-alphabet?-Mine-is-Europe!

Lack of comments

Jason, the main reason that your patrol has no comments is that you are at the bottom. To obtain more comments just simply move your patrol link to the top of the list and change the title from patrol Z to "Patrol Z ( SOMEONE TALK TO ME!!! PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE I'M SO LONLEY DDDDDDDD: )" Regardz, Fred


You need to update your site's page, umm, whatchyamacallit. That thing up there about The Delete Patrol.




So you wonder what's up. Well, first you will see the ceiling then after that is the troposphere then the stratosphere then the meteor sphere then al lot more layers of the atmosphere until you get to the exosphere.

Wazzzzz up patrol z is pretty

Wazzzzz up patrol z is pretty awesome but dawesome is almost as good

I find your lack of comments disturbing

Patrol Z has no comments, which I find to be disappointing. We should start a top-secret discussion about how cool we are.




Oh, so we should start a completely open discussion on how awesome we are?


Good one Jason.Sure,like your better than the other patrols.


Thank you for posting such a well-thought out and constructive compliment! It sure was nice of you.