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I am a caffeine-based life form. I will take credit for the invention of the sugar sandwich, which turned out to be a great recipe, but don't try that at home kids. I am still grieving from the terrible mutilation of a beloved friend (Gummy) caused by the savage murderer who just happens to be your Assistant-Senior Patrol Leader. But don't worry I will find Gummi Jr. because we have reason to believe that Gummi had a child shortly before his gruesome death. People also say I'm clumsy, but it's up to you to decide. The only super-clumsy situations I have had are lets see: Breaking an Iodine bottle, Dropping a cake upside-down, tripping 100 times in a single hike, dropping a glass and while I was cleaning it up knocking over and breaking a teapot, etc. Well maybe I'm a little clumsy.  So that basically somes up about none of my life, so I'll leave it at that.

Favorite Books: What are these books you speak of?

Favorite Music: anything good really

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Buffy, Firefly, HIMYM, Monk, Psych, star trek, STEPHEN TYRONE COLBERT, the A-team, The X-Files, V for Vendetta, Whitecollar

Favorite Trips: Idaho backpacking, multi-day logistics trips in the depths of Bob's basement, Red River Gorge, Vermont skiing

Interests: Camping, chocolate chip cookie education policy while kayaking, climbing, movies, skiing

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