From canoeing the mighty Huron River to Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Troop 8 at St. Thomas Church runs the most amazing year-round outdoor adventure and leadership program in the area.

Building Meeting


This is the second meeting in the boat building sequence. Patrols will have already planned out their boat design and will receive the materials they requested at the beginning of the meeting. From there, patrols will begin the process of constructing their boat.

There are a few important things to note: first, these meetings will be held at individual houses, since building boats in the cafeteria would be very impractical and unsafe. The locations are listed in the box below. Second, most of these meetings will be outside or in garages, so dress very warmly!

Date and Time: 
Tue, 01/17/2017 - 7:20pm - 9:00pm

Patrols A & D: 5860 Geddes Rd (Mr. Fretz's house); Patrol E: 2079 S Seventh St. Ann Arbor MI 48103 (Liam's house); Patrol F: 7511 Warren Rd. Ann Arbor MI 48105 (Maks's house); Patrol G: 2755 Oakcleft Ct. Ann Arbor MI 48103 (Dorje residence)

Vermont Final Photo Album

Hello, all.

Here's the final photo album, filled with all of the photos that were sent to me.

If you took some photos and you don't see them here, maybe you should try sending them to me! A novel concept, I'm aware, but it's for the best.


Vermont Log 3 - The Final one

Hello everyone,

This week, like every Vermont trip, has been absolutely fantastic. These trips only come around every few years, but they are always the best. I think this is not only because of the awesome skiing, but of the camaraderie created by living in the lodge for a week.

Vermont Log 2

Hey all,

Vermont Log 1

Hello all,

The first day of skiing has come to a close, and my legs are sore already. (But don’t tell the telemarkers I said that – they’ll mercilessly make fun of me)

The Adventure Begins!

Greetings everybody!