From canoeing the mighty Huron River to Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Troop 8 at St. Thomas Church runs the most amazing year-round outdoor adventure and leadership program in the area.

A Wild Weekend

Hey y’all,

As we finish our week-long adventure in the lush forests, winding rivers, and rocky trails of the Delaware Water Gap we are sending out a final update. We culminated a fun week of outdoor activities with an even better weekend.

Saturday was our all-day, high-energy, inter-patrol competition. Patrols worked as team to complete a series of events designed to challenge them in the skills they learned throughout the week.

Friday Funday

Greetings to all of our followers back home! We’re struggling with getting photos put up on the site, but we’ll be adding them to the troop photo site over the weekend.

Friday we successfully have avoided the rain thus far, so it was a great day for camp activities. We had two patrols out in the field who made it in from their adventures.

Patrol E returned from their overnight canoe trek down the Delaware River. Canoe partners were Tommy and Bradley, Emmett & Drew, Sawyer & Liam.

Earl Lives! A no-rain, fun Thursday.

The rain Thursday morning held off, as Patrol G loaded up gear for an overnight backpacking trek. Gus had some entertaining times trying to fit things into his 30-liter pack, but he was determined to carry his share as a strong hiker, so with some creative jiggering he managed a good load. Jonathan "Wildman" swapped sleeping bags with Evan, then reconfigured his pack to discover he had lots of room and no problems carrying it. All the veterans like Jimmy, Parker, and Mark were all "this is really easy!

We want to be a part of it, New York, New York!

Wednesday has dawned bright and clear, with the rain finally gone. Traditional Troop 8 camp Wednesdays we take a break from the camping life and head in to a local town for a civilization fix. This year, the target is New York, New York! The group assembled at the cars, reasonably freshly showered, as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Pike laid down the rules for NYC travel - buddy system, how to deal with panhandlers, how to protect yourselves from pickpockets, what to do when lost, how to tip buskers, the basics of subways and other important life skills.

Goodbye, Rainy Tuesday... (updated!)

Well we had hoped that Earl the Boy Scout god of weather would give us a break today, and we did get a brief reprieve before the weather came back in, but we have returned to soggy. Often several days of rain leads to a bit of homesickness, but all of our guys have been really doing well despite the drear. There is a bit of the summer camp sleep deprivation experiment going on, and Kantaro was seen to be dozing off during a car shuttle, but everyone remains in high spirits.

Patrol A opted for a small boat sailing adventure today, and had a great time of it.

Monday backpacking addendum

With the return of backpacking crews Patrol A and D, we have some additional reports from their adventures...

Patrol A reported that despite the rain, they had a beautiful hike with great views. There were some tough trail segments, including one spot where the trail jut did a 10 foot drop and they had to scramble down and pass their packs to each other one at a time. Andrew's massive height helped. When they arrived at Crater Lake the whole group went swimming, and then proceeded to play a game where they tried to lift large rocks off the bottom of the lake.

Monday Reports

Our second day started out with MORE RAIN. The water came fast and furious all through the first part of the morning as we tried to get breakfast going. The two patrols in camp (G & E) took it in stride, with some tasty breakfast burritos cooked under their patrol rain flies.


Camp Director Thomas and Scouter Bob drove out to check on the backpacking groups, and found both camped out around a beautiful mountain lake (“Crater Lake”) along the Appalachian Trail.

Sunday Updates

Now that things have settled in a bit we can share some other tales and updates!

My collaborators remind me that I neglected to report the excitement at Sunday morning church - in - the - field. After a rainy night, Sunday morning mass services in the field got started at 9:30 with “Amazing Grace” led by cantor Joe Hood, with several of the scouts doing the readings.

We're here, We're Here, WE'RE HERE!

Greetings to all our friends back home in Michigan!

The merry gang of scouts has survived the long haul to the Delaware Water Gap, despite Earl’s steady rain all across Pennsylvania. A shout out to our dedicated parent drivers Marc Bradshaw and Mike Austerberry, along with all of the young scouters who put up with FAR too many choruses of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” and related shenanigans.