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Eagle Scout: 
Eagle Scout
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1997 - 2010
Colin has been with Troop 8 since he was a sixth grader, participating in several venture expeditions and earning his Eagle Scout award. He is currently in Oregon pursuing his Masters degree.
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 Swamp Rat has been with troop 8 since he was a sixth grader.  Despite getting stuck in a swamp on his first campout (earning him his nickname), was recently able to escape the pull of the troop and Ann Arbor; traveling to Oregon to pursue his masters degree.  Swampy has boldly gone where no rat has gone before: Kilimanjaro, Colorado backcountry skiing, ice climbing in the UP, and rock climbing in Nevada.  Often times the troop 8 summer camp director, mention the word "Moraine" and watch him twitch.

Favorite Books: Arfken and Weber's Mathematical Methods for Physicists, British History Texts, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, MMORPG Theorycrafting, The Lord of the Rings, The Physics of Semiconductor Devices

Favorite Music: play me some music and I'll probably like it!

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Babylon 5, Firefly, House MD

Favorite Trips: Alleghenies, colorado, kilimanjaro, Northern Michigan Ice Climbing

Interests: Backpacking, Board Games, Camping, Canoeing, D&D, Looking for a Job, MMORPGs, music, Planning Summer Camps, Scheming Sinister Plans for World Domination!, Telemark Skiing

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Top Secret Secret Keeper
The Seeker Secret Peeper
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Other HS

Favorite Books: British History Texts, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The hunger games series

Favorite Music: ... Music? what is that?, ..l., Tom Lehrer, whats music

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Blah...

Favorite Trips: summer camp 2012, Trial of Fire

Interests: breaking Computers, Dying on Mt. Everest, Eating, entrepreneurship, fire, fixing computers, hacking, Russian, Scheming Sinister Plans for World Domination!, setting things on fire, the universe, viola, Violin, violining

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