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Bonnie W. Dunbar
Research Scientist - Computational Medicinal Chemistry
University of Michigan
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Favorite Books: anything by Tolkein, At Dawn We Slept, Dick Francis novels

Favorite Music: Anthing including Finnish symphonic heavy metal - but no rap!

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: 12 O'Clock High, all the Rings movies, Big Country, Chuck, Good Eats, Mythbusters, NCIS

Favorite Trips: Holiday Valley 09(starting blues - be very afraid!), Summer Camp '08 (Ohiopyle - lovely day for a swim!), Vermont 09(ice climbing!)

Interests: Ameteur Radio, Camping, Cooking, Hiking, just being outdoors, Sporting Clays, Woodworking

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David Michaels Profile

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Years in program: 
2001 - 2008
Seven years in Troop 8 Engineering Physics student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Assistant working on the hydrodynamics of leatherback sea turtles
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David is a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He's majoring in some manner of technical thing while running across the frozen lake in the winter and biking up and down the campus in the... well, ok, there's not much besides winter there.

Favorite Books: A Song of Ice and Fire (series), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy, the ear the eye and the arm, Watchmen

Favorite Music: classical, Disney Music, five iron frenzy, Gustav Holst, Jupiter, Mulan, showtunes, Soundtracks, the phantom of the opera, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Tom Lehrer

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Chuck, Daily Show, Firefly

Favorite Trips: Canoeing trips, Ice Climbing, vermont

Interests: airplanes, Biking, Board Games, Cooking, engineering, entrepreneurship, fixing computers, Hiking, kites, lunch tray sledding, nerdy debate, photography, pondering, showtunes, skydiving, snowball fights, technology, travel, winter, writing

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