All the songs played on radio station W-O-L-D...

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Abrielle and Ennalyse
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Eagle Scout
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2000 - 2011
Eric aka "Mr. Fretz" has been a Scout or Scouter for 32 of his 43 (or so) years. Eagle class of 1983 in the National Capital Area Council. Philmont Alumi (1983 trek 627A2). He has served as Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Chartered Organizational Representative, Troop Committee Member, Explorer Advisor, and Venture assistant in troops from Maryland to Hawaii. He was the founding leader of the Victory Base Council, one of two groups supporting Iraqi Scouting, during his 2008-9 deployment to Baghdad. He lives on the Huron River just outside of Ann Arbor and stays busy with various unpaid or poorly paid jobs while his wife brings home the bacon, and he spends the rest of his time being a bad example.
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Eric "Mister" Fretz was slipped some Troop 8 koolaid by the Vulture in 2000 and has not been the same since.  Famous for sarcasm gone awry and kung-fu firefighting, he can be found needling patrol leaders and stealing desserts from inattentive first years.  His favorite trip so far was as a Venture leader for the amazing Caribbean sailing trip in 2005.  His specialities include baking with his backpacking oven, making smarty-pants interjections at inappropriate times, and crushing the resistance of recalcitrant Life Scouts with his "Eagle Speech".

Favorite Music: All the songs played on radio station W-O-L-D...

Favorite Trips: and the one where James got digits from the Girl Scouts as a first year, and the one where Neale et al made me projectile vomit, and the one where Steve started anti-waterfront radio, and the one where Steven stopped a bike on a 45degree slope with his face, and the one where we split the troop into two groups to give other troops a chance and then we won 1st and 2nd place, and the trip where Frisky got shot with a salsa cannon, heck they are all awesome!, the one where Ben set the aluminum table on fire

Interests: food, my kewl kids including the Mason-bot., Nature, Scouting, Strategy games

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