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Eagle Scout
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2004 - 2011
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Ray, a student at the University of Michigan and a product of this troop, is a new Assistant Scoutmaster and quickly learning the ways of old age and treachery.  He likes to philosophize, play music (trumpet+drums), and redesign the public education system in America.  Ray also loves Coca-Cola, Reeses, and sleep.     

Favorite Books: airborn, Digital Fortress, ender's shadow, the ear the eye and the arm, The Giver, the house of the scorpion, To Kill A Mockingbird

Favorite Music: Andrew Bird, anything but country, Bob Marley, eminem, IZ, K'naan, old maroon 5, Reggae, RHCP, Ronald Jenkees, the beatles

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: American Gangster, Bourne Ultimatium, EPSN, Inception, Sherlock Holmes, Simpsons, The Daily Show

Favorite Trips: Bruce Trail Canada, Holiday Valley, polar bear, Summer Camp 08 and 09, Venture Wyoming expedition, Vermont ski!

Interests: climbing, debating, drumming, football, free time, friends, history, lacrosse, law, music, philosophy, politics, Reading, skiing, sleeping

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Being a boss
Eagle Scout: 
Teasing shane for liking hello kitty
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Favorite Books: Ender's Game, ender's shadow, Eragon series

Favorite Music: The script

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Argo

Favorite Trips: I dont even know half of these trips, Vermont ski!

Interests: awesomeness, Backpacking, baseball, being awesome, being awesome A lot, being awesome Some more, just being outdoors, lacrosse, skiing, Sporting Clays, Telemark Skiing

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