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Public Health, Emergency Preparedness
City of Philadelphia
Eagle Scout: 
Eagle Scout
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2001 - 2011
Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness Program Assistant, City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health.
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A veteran of Troop and Venture 8 shenanigans, Neale is now working in Philadelphia preparing America's fifth largest city for infectious disease outbreaks, hurricanes, anthrax attacks, and yes... zombies.  A National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and American Alpine Institute mountaineering graduate, he also loves to paddle/sail boats of all sorts, climb things of all sorts, and bike/ski down things of all sorts resulting in plenty of mayhem and incriminating video footage.

Favorite Books: there's so many...

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Star Trek TNG, The Daily Show

Favorite Trips: Alleghenies, red rocks, Sailing, wyoming mountaineering

Interests: ecology, Infectious Disease, Public Health, Reading, rock climbing, Violin, Whitewater

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Tim Kenny Profile

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Tim is one of our most talented young outdoorsman.   A master of skiing everything from glades to moguls, he's the stalwart leader of many a Death March in Patrol D.   One of the best additions to the Patrol Leader's Council in recent years, we look forward to fantastic things with Tim in the years ahead.

Favorite Books: hitchhikers guide series, I have too many it would overload the server

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: all the Rings movies, Firefly, house, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Simpsons

Favorite Trips: wyoming mountaineering

Interests: climbing, drumming, Scheming Sinister Plans for World Domination!, setting things on fire, sleeping, Telemark Skiing

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Tyler Mosbey Profile

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Community High School

Im crazy fun vantastic to be around but end up inflenzing all the small children into being lazy...sorry about that. i also enjoy teaching kids new things, active things like skateboarding or parkour or stuff that the troop does.

Favorite Books: Dr. Seuss, eragon, Eragon series, Fantasy, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the house of the scorpion, The Lord of the Rings, Watchmen

Favorite Music: anything good really, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bullet for my Valentine, delicate sounds of thunder by pink floyed, eminem, Oasis, Pink Floyd, third eye blind

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: and Anything Comedy Central, Big Bang Theory, Firefly, Pokemon 1000, Scrubs R.I.P., Simpsons

Favorite Trips: Alleghenies and Summer Camp '08 (Ohiopyle), and the one where Ben set the aluminum table on fire, and the one where James got digits from the Girl Scouts as a first year, colorado, Holiday Valley, Holiday Valley 09(starting blues - be very afraid!), ones with bad weather, skiing, The one where Frisko had the bright idea to hike OVER the mountain, The one where Frisko had the bright idea to hike OVER the mountain because it was much shorter than going around..., Venture Wyoming expedition, vermont, wyoming, wyoming mountaineering

Interests: Backpacking, being awesome, Biking, climbing, Cooking, fire, food, friends, just being outdoors, mountain biking, movies, pondering life the universe and everything, posibly Ginger Rights, rock climbing, setting things on fire, skiing, Skiing and posibly Ginger Rights, sleeping, snowboarding, Soccer, the universe, video games, Woodworking

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