Patrol Projects 1

About twelve hundred billion years ago, the human race invented tools. Unfortunately, they did not know what they were for, and proceeded to run around hitting things with them. Then, one day, a Neanderthal decided to hit a wooly mammoth with a hammer, and huzzah! Clothes, meat, and human pancakes were invented simultaneously!

Now, our scouts are not Neanderthals. (Well, except some of the adults.) However, this does not mean they have a greater understanding of tools... Or does it? I guess we'll just have to test this, won't we?

Scouts will be, in patrols, building some devious machines out of random bits of stuff, in order to see which patrol has evolved the most from their ancient ancestors. The victors will be awarded an engineering master's degree from the U of T8, and maybe even some candy or something.

So, come on out and show that you grasp the basic principles of physics!

Date and Time: 
Tue, 04/17/2012 - 7:20pm - 9:00pm
St. Thomas Cafeteria
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