Polar Bear Gear Check 1/ Cold Weather meeting

Tonight is the first of two prep meetings for the Polar Bear trip. Tonight is primarily information about cold-weather layering and equipment, as well as treatment for cold-weather injuries (not that we expect any, but it's good to be prepared!) Even if you're not coming on the Polar Bear (though we hope you do), all the stuff we're doing is equally useful for the downhill ski trips this winter!

You should bring your Polar Bear gear, if possible. We won't be doing a full gear check (that's next week), but we will look at your layers and sleeping gear to see if you're missing anything now (and we can get loaner gear if you are).

This meeting is also the signup for Friday's ski night! Make sure you let your patrol leader know whether or not you're coming!

Date and Time: 
Tue, 01/08/2013 - 7:20pm - 9:00pm
St. Thomas Cafeteria
Pickup Information: 
Arrange for your own transportation home
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