Ski Night 1: Mt. Brighton!


Cancelled due to rain and unseasonably warm weather... join us next Friday instead!

Tonight is our first downhill ski night of the year. Assuming the weather cooperates, we'll be heading up to Mt. Brighton for an evening of downhill instruction and fun! We'll be running our own instructional groups, thanks to the PLC members who spent time doing ski instructor training over the Christmas holiday. You'll get to learn proper technique from us, and then you'll have time to practice later in the evening. Most Troop 8 scouts will tell you that skiing is one of their favorite outings, and many scouts learned to ski in the troop!


We'll be meeting at 5:30pm SHARP at the St. Thomas parking lot (note different location from last year). Please be on time: we only have a few hours to ski, and since we have to pay for tickets up-front we don't have time to wait for you if you're late! Arrive 5-10 minutes early, if possible. No experience downhill skiing is necessary, and if you don't own downhill equipment everything (boots, poles, skis) is included in the rental price. You must sign up by Wednesday with your patrol leader to make sure we get the group discount. This trip (and all the other ski day trips) count as pretrips for the Holiday Valley ski weekend. You must attend at least two ski trips with us to come on Holiday Valley (though we recommend more, if you can!) Note that this trip is FAIR WEATHER ONLY. That means that we may have to cancel if there's no snow, or rain, etc. We'll make the call by Thursday night. Please watch your email or check back here for updates.

Date and Time: 
Fri, 01/11/2013 - 5:30pm - 11:00pm
St. Thomas Parking Lot
Pickup Information: 
Dropped at home
Gear Info
More Gear Information: 
Bring weather appropriate clothing - snow pants, jacket, hat, gloves, wool socks, etc. No cotton! Ski gear, if you have it: skis and boots. Poles and helmet are both optional. Bring some money if you want to purchase an overpriced hot dog or pizza, but we recommend eating dinner before coming. You do NOT need to bring cash to cover the cost of lift tickets or rental skis: it's all done through the normal troop billing process.
Estimated Non-Dues Cost: 
$32 for lift ticket. $22 if you need rental skis.
Emergency Contact: 
Steve Zekany - 734-239-3772