Moving Water Day #1

Welcome Webelos, scouts, and other related creatures: it's time to go canoeing on the mighty Huron river! Your canoeing skills will be tested against moving water, raging kayakers, college kids with water-guns and some unintentional swimming. Moving water will be a lot easier then flatwater because the water will be pushing you along (Unless we make you paddle upriver mwah haw haw haw).

For this day trip you will need the same things you used on the flatwater day.  This includes water, sun screen, a towel, and possibly rain gear depending on the weather.  Also, as you will most likely be getting wet, you SHOULD NOT bring cotton.  Cotton offers negative insulation when wet, so when you get wet you will get cold.

Remember, we'll be meeting at Skip's at 9:15 AM on Sunday UNLESS you're a new scout or PLC member who is on the New Scout Campout (in which case you'll be transported to Skip's from that event).

To come on this trip you need to have come on the flatwater day or 3 of the meetings.  To go on the Père Marquette trip, you only have to go on one of the moving water days.  This could include this trip or the one next weekend, but it has to be one of them.

The addres for skips is 

East Delhi Road ann arbor MI 48103

skips isn't on East Delhi road it's  inside delhi metroparks. we will meet at skips parking lot.

Prerequisites Details: 
You need to come on all 3 canoe nights OR the flatwater canoe day to attend any moving water events with Troop 8.
Date and Time: 
Sun, 06/02/2013 - 9:15am - 6:00pm
Skip's Canoe Livery - corner of Delhi and Huron River Drive (go over the bridge and turn right)
Pickup Information: 
Dropped at home
Gear Info
More Gear Information: 
Bring swimwear and a towel, food will be provided, no need for money.