Moving Water Day Trip

We will be canoeing down the beautiful Huron River.   Yep, BEA-U-TIFUL...  anyway.  

Come have some fun trying to :

                -avoid the strainers (that Bob will dutifully attempt to push you into),

                -swim through a rapids (supervised by yours truly),

                -capsize (a fancy word for flip) your fellow scouts and scouters,

                -and generally spend your day in style.


We will be meeting at Skip's Canoe Livery at 9:45am to organize logistics and get some PFDs.  We will then (singing all the way) take a bus down to the Put-In and get going.  We will review basic techniqe and safety, then head off into the current.  Learning on the fly how to deal with the current is by no means a bore, and we will stop at a nice little island for lunch afterward.  There is (or maybe was) a rope swing, but definatly a little rapid to swim through.  After an awesome time at the island we will start off again.  This time around you will commence the Boat Wars, head under some bridges, and generally get very wet.  Upon arrival at the Take-In, we will meet up for a closing, then you can get picked up at Skips around 5:45pm.


Prerequisites Details: 
You needed to go on the Saturday Flat-Water day at Portage Lake, or the Tuesday canoe nights.
Date and Time: 
Sun, 05/17/2009 - 9:45am - 5:45pm
Pickup Information: 
Arrange for you own transportation home
Gear Info
Emergency Contact: 
Skips Livery - (734) 769-8686‎