Banff Mountain Film Festival

It's Banff time again! If you are not taking off to go with your parents to visit Great Aunt Brunhilda down in Boring Florida, then Sunday evening is Banff night.

The Banff Mountain Film festival is the premiere film festival in the world for outdoor culture and adventure films and filmmakers. Every year, the best skiing, whitewater, climbing, and other crazy mountain films from the festival go on a World Tour. They'll be here in Ann Arbor's Michigan Theater, sponsored by our friends at UM Outdoor Adventures.

Please sign up with your patrol leader at the swim night (or by email). We do need to get a FIRM ticket count to pre-purchase tickets at our partner discount rate.

You must arrive at 6:30 pm!! The film festival is VERY popular, and it will be difficult to get seats if you arrive any later (and we won't be waiting for you). Plus there's cool stuff in the lobby to check out, and you have to sign up for door prizes.

NOTE for PARENTS: The outdoor adventure films are fun, exciting, and occasionally a bit scary. I would consider them "PG", with the possibility of an occasional 4-letter word uttered in a situation that may actually call for it . Because this is a film festival, the actual run-time for the films is not firm, and may run until after 10pm. There is a tradition of going for ice cream when the theater gets out and calling for rides from there.

Date and Time: 
Sun, 04/06/2014 (All day)
Michigan Theater
Pickup Information: 
Arrange for your own transportation home
Gear Info
More Gear Information: 
Bring money for ice cream after.