PLC After! - Ski Check/Polar Bear Meeting

This meeting has two parts. First, if you plan on using your own skis this season with the troop you need to have your skis checked at this meeting. Scouts will check to make sure your skis fit you (always a bonus) and will work for the ski season. Part two of this meeting is to introduce scouts into winter camping! We are changing up our Polar Bear this year and going to Cheboygan State Park, near the Mackinaw Bridge. It is one of the few state parks that is open in the winter, and will allow us a neat and new xc skiing experience on the frozen shore of Lake Huron.

Winter camping, when done correctly, is the best camping year round. There are no bugs, no bears to hide your food from, and you have a construction material (snow) to build all your shelters, kitchens, and lounges from. However, the skills are very important in order to enjoy the fun of winter camping. Tonight we will be teaching scouts the tricks and tips to staying warm in the winter. Unfortunately mother nature has taken all our snow away, and we won't be able to setup camp outside temporarily, but there is still lots to learn. Older scouts will be bringing their gear to the meeting and showing scouts how to layer in the winter. We will also be outfitting scouts will XC skis, and taking sign-ups for the polar bear!

Short PLC after!

Date and Time: 
Tue, 01/04/2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
St. Thomas Cafeteria
Pickup Information: 
Arrange for your own transportation home
Gear Info
More Gear Information: 
Bring Personal skis (if you own them) to be checked for the upcoming skiing events. PLC members ONLY: Bring your winter camping gear.