Canoeing Day Trip


Due to high water levels preventing us from doing a moving-water paddle and a possibility of thunderstorms, we've decided to cancel this event.

As our campsite for Summer Camp is in the middle of a lake with the only avalible transportation being canoes, we thought it would be appropriate to show y'all how to canoe, or canoe better than you can right now.  This is going to be going over either the basic strokes, or, for the more experienced, steering strokes.  We will also do a river rescue piece that may involve pirateing other's vessels and capsizing 'em. 

This will likely be a day trip on the Huron River, but we are still working details.  Due to the nature of early season water, and the heat loss due to conduction (wind) or evaporation, you should come prepared for cold despite the nice weather.  Show up with 1) Water  2) Some layers (not just a Tshirt)  3) A wind layer (if windy).  You do not NEED to bring a PFD or any other canoeing specific gear,  but if you own some, it may be more comfortable and fit you better.  

Also, if you are thinking about not coming because of finals, I have two words for you: man and up.  But seriously, you have all of Sunday, so don't even try to get out of coming to this trip.  The pickup and drop off will be at Argo Pond. 

Date and Time: 
Sat, 06/11/2011 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Argo Canoe Livery
Pickup Information: 
Dropped at home
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