Climbing Meeting - Patrol C

If you have not been to Planet Rock before, (Some special group events don't count) YOU MUST BRING A PLANET ROCK WAIVER WITH YOU TO THIS EVENT (see attachment below)

There has been a change of plans!!!  Because the venue (Planet Rock) has limited capacity for low level climbs, if we went all on one day, we would overwhelm them and scouts would have only a small opportunity to climb.  Therefore, we are splitting the meeting into 3 (by patrols).  Monday will be Patrol A, Tuesday Patrol D, and Wednesday Patrol C. 

Finally!  After all of that harness fitting, learning knots and signals in ground school, we finally get to go CLIMBING!!!  Scaling a wall just to say you can doesn't get better than this, plus you get to practice all the stuff you learned so you are super prepared for our climbing segment on the Intro to Backpacking trip.  For those that are afrid of heights, don't worry, it is not necessary or expected that you climb the entire wall.  Just come to have fun and see how much you can do!

Patrol C will meet at Planet Rock at 6:30 to review tying in and signals in order to avoid a long and costly "class" that planet rock would otherwise require.  We will go in and start climbing when done with the review, so be as punctual as possible.  Between our gear and that of Planet Rock, we will loan out harnesses and helmets, for people to use.  We encourage you to try to wear shoes or lightweight boots with "sticky" rubber soles, or you can rent climbing shoes from Planet Rock for $4.  If you have your own personal gear, you are encouraged to bring it. 

We understand that everyone may not be able to make their appointed day, so if you fall into this category CONTACT YOUR PATROL LEADER.  He can set you up to go on a different day with a different patrol.  Or you can just contact the patrol leader of the day you can make it.  Be sure to come to your meeting, because this is your only opportunity to try out climbing before the Intro Backpacking trip, and the more experience the better!

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not make the climbing ground school nights, it may not be possible to accommodate you at Planet Rock.  Please contact one of the trip leaders to discuss your case.

Date and Time: 
Wed, 09/21/2011 - 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Pickup Information: 
Arrange for your own transportation home