What's the time commitment like for us as parents?

Cub Scout programs are generally parent-run endeavors.   That can be great fun for a bit, but it does take a lot of time!  The boy scouting program functions like a teen youth program in that there are a number of non-parent adult leaders who have primary responsibility for operations.  This allows us to offer a very special educational opportunity to your son while you get a bit of relief.   You can come on some events you enjoy with your son, and also have the chance to spend some “quality time” with his siblings while he’s away on a weekend campout!

We are of course not a baby-sitting service.  We ask your help with 2 short-term fundraisers each year, occasional driving on a trip (usually twice a year), and filling one volunteer job for the troop that fits into your interest and schedule.   A few parents camp with us, others handle a segment of paperwork, others help organize one of the fundraisers, etc.  We want you to be involved in something you enjoy and can contribute to.  That's a good example to your son, and "many hands make for light labor” for the troop.