How long does it take for a boy to move up in rank?

There’s a wide variation in times, depending mostly on how often the boy comes to meetings and on troop outings, how focused he is, how interested he is in advancement, and other factors.  As a loose rule of thumb, one rank per year is pretty good.   Practically speaking, though, boys usually go in fits and starts.   They seem to not do much for a while, then all of a sudden push and get a bunch done.


Rank advancement in Troop 8 is pretty low-key;  each boy moves at his own pace and we don't pressure kids.   The youth and adult leaders do keep track of how kids are doing, and will work to move them along over time. While we hope that you will encourage your son in all his scouting endeavors,  and occasionally help him keep track of requirements, we would ask that you not impose any deadlines or rules that aren't imposed by the troop.   Rather than you pushing, it works much better if you let us pull!