Can younger (or older) siblings come on outings?

No.  Just as a younger sibling can't participate in your son's 5th grade school trip or soccer match, participation in scouting is also off limits.   The troop does not know the medical history, abilities, maturity, personalities and level of preparation of siblings, and your other children don't have a relationship with our youth and adult leaders the way your son does.   The troop can't be responsible for brothers & sisters, and their addition complicates the logistics and the trip dynamic. A parent who comes on an outing is serving as a troop adult leader, and cannot be spending time tending to other kids.


On a few day-trip length events during the year, younger and older siblings may be allowed when the activity allows parents to directly supervise other children without impacting the program for troop boys.    These events will be indicated in the troop web site event descriptions.