ALL-NEW Parkour Sequence Coming Up!

By Ray Batra - Posted on 25 April 2011

Be sure to check out the descriptions and videos under the upcoming Parkour Sequence, the first of its kind in Troop 8 (and probably most of Boy Scouts!).  Don't have a clue what parkour means?  Check out an intro video:  Basically, parkour is an activity in which you run and jump over stuff with style and finesse.  It may not sound the most exciting, but once you get into it and learn some tricks, it could be one of the coolest things you'll learn this year. 

Be sure to come to all of the Parkour Nights where we will be taught by professionals here in Ann Arbor!  Then, once we get better at it, we'll head to a town near Indianapolis for the weekend to hit up a dedicated Parkour Gym to get some real experience and higher-quality instruction.  Let's run!