DAY SIX - Body fluids!

By Eric Fretz - Posted on 31 July 2010

 Day six is in the books and we are well into Day Seven!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves!!
When we last left our intrepid band of scouts, they were traveling hither and yon, over hill and dale.  Patrol A was left in camp alone for a second day, more on them in a minute.
The bikers of Patrol D enjoyed a long (50+ mile) trek, mostly uphill, into the wilds of Maryland!  Scouter Neil has officially joined the ranks of the SCOUT-ERS because he was whining about his legs hurting.... It only gets better from here, Nealie!!   The group flew past the Mason Dixon line, but Max would have none of that and required the group to bike BACK up the hill to get photos.   The group also biked across a nerve testingly narrow (but safe) viaduct.  Chris and Sam enjoyed doing parkour stunts off rocks and trees and whatever else they could find, much to the stress of their leaders, who find the idea of being upside down four feet off the ground to be more stressful than those two apparently do!!!   Another highlight was the "Eastern Continental Divide" that separates the watershed of the Atlantic and the Gulf.  So, of course, the boys had to "pee into two oceans at once".... what fun!!
The hikers of C enjoyed a nice mellow backpacking trip.  No rain, no major drama.  Jason Dean, adopted from C for the trip, said he was sad that he did not get to hike down a knife-edge cliff in the rainy dark at 2am.   We miss you Megan!!  Reggie harangued everyone to get up early at 0430, so they could hit the trail fast and have free time.  Could it be that the riverside beach (and the frequent bikini sightings) were his motivation?  We'll never know, because he slept until 0720, much to the chagrin of his patrol who were already up and ready to go, until Jim Dunbar gave him a good high volume "GOOOOOOOOD MOOOORRRRRRRNNNNIIIIIINNNNGGGG   VIIIIIETT-NNAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!"    Ah, we love you Reggie...
Patrol A had multiple members down with some sort of gut bug for the morning, providing an excellent first aid scenario for the day!   We ran a makeshift ICU, with Ward Nurse Fretz doing very little as the hilghly trained team of Ryan, Ray, and Tim took care of SOAP notes, temp checks, hydration, and a detailed decontamination of all personal and patrol gear.  The timing (some had already had symptoms for a day) ruled out food issues.  A call to the troop physician Dr. Fretz (the real one) revealed that this "explosive" bug is definitely going around in Michigan, and that it resolves quickly.  Sure enough, by afternoon, most were up and about.   So, they did not get to do map and compass, but the highly refined and constantly exercised Troop 8 medical system worked very smoothly, and they learned some good history taking skills.  
In other news, the Wilderness "survivors" (and I use the term loosely) are still alive.  They constructed their shelters, with Ryan creating a nice "Taj Mahal" with two entrances, thick insulation, and a nice fireplace.  PJ and Patrick required a bit more help, and PJ even had to take his shelter down when it proved to not meet requirements.  He re-built with much success though!   I was up until 1am trying to get them all IN TO their shelters... for some reason, the idea of a night alone in the woods is a big deal to the 11-13 year old set!  But they chose to stay, and I'm quite proud of them.  Being scared of something and doing it anyway is the definition of Brave... I think that's in a list or something...
I actually had a scout (ahem, Lincoln, ahem) come up to me and ask me to download a TV show that was airing that night, so he could watch it... because, of course, it was his FAVORITE, after all!!   I don't try to be mean, but sometimes I just have to laugh in their face : )  Nice try though!  And it was the cool "Deadliest Warrior" series, so props for that!
We closed out the day with our "special probabilities and statistics workshop" (aka casino night) where scouts attempted to parlay their initial chip stake into big chips, to spend on the auction at the end of the night.  Auctioneer Fretz kept things moving and the night was a huge success.  Half the prizes involved junk food and soda, the rest were toys with 'boy power" (parachute men, helicopters, etc).  I was impressed by young Noah Dean, who carefully waited for the less popular items to come up because everyone was saving up for a bidding war for one popular toy or 2L of Coke.   He netted, I think, SEVEN toys and snacks!!   He may be quiet but he's allllllways thinking, is that one!
We are now neck deep in the patrol competition so look for that update later today!
Just a bit over a day and we'll be home!!!   (get your washing machines ready)