Day TWO - Of Climbing and Splashing!

By Eric Fretz - Posted on 26 July 2010

 Day two is on the books!  A beautiful sunny day was put to good use as the backpackers of Patrol A headed out on time, only to pause in the parking lot because some of the newer scouts had packs that were "too heavy".  As it turns out, you don't actually have to bring ALL the clothes you brought to summer camp on your backpacking overnight hike... which made the immaculately outfitted but heavily laden Noah feel much better!  We later sent a team to establish radio communication on a mountain top in the area where we figured they'd end up and sure enough, Jim Dunbar reported in that they had hiked well and were setting up camp.  We'll hear more from them tomorrow when they come "home".

Speaking of Jim, we had a bit of a crisis because he is out hiking and he is the only adult who is certified to decode the magical food list, and just as Scouter Fretz was beginning to grab random cheese and vegetables from the cooler in desperation, young James arrived to decode (apparently it is something in the DNA...).  James also makes a dandy pineapple upside down cake, as it turns out.  
Patrol C enjoyed a day of climbing and rappelling.  Surprise of the day was young Daniel, who showed true grit and determination, doing his rappel four times until he "got it right" and it was no longer scary.  We might have a new rock sprite in the making.  There was some concern that when a particularly attractive woman wanted to bend down and look over the cliff edge that Scouter Neale might not be giving his full attention to the ropes, but he vigorously denies this charge!  Later in the day, Reggie decided to ignore the meticulously crafted Dunbar Delicious Dining Directions and mix everything together, resulting in 'Pineapple fall down the stairs" cake for his patrol .... which, if the scouts are to be believed, is really not so tasty.   But they ate it!
Patrol D got a double whammy with Cap'n Joe on the sailing wessel USS Mahowald, and the Dread Pirate Fretz and his scurvy band of canoeists.  Wind was weak in the AM, resulting in the sailing group taking 3 hrs to sail across a lake that the canoeists crossed in 30 min.  Capn Joe almost had a mutiny on his hands!  The canoeists scouted out a great swimming hole with jumping rock and once supervision was in place, a grand time was had by all.  Sam and Ryan and Chris all attempted to out-X-game each other.    Even our tentative swimmers were bravely leaping and splashing.  Including Patrick, who for some reason bellowed "THIS  IS  SPARTA!!" at the top of his lungs before each jump.   Young Jason Dean also followed up with "This Is Narnia!!!" on his jump... showing he is well read, or sarcastic, or both.  Either way, I like him!  After lunch, sailing improved with 10kt winds, and they explored the lake, while we scouted some more interesting lake features.   As that half of the group sailed back , Joe began to hold forth on the majesty of nature, and how the scouts should appreciate such a fine day and being out on the water and the joys of fellowship.... to which Patrick gamely chirped "That's nice, can we go home now?"  Ahhh, youth.   Patrol D was unanimous in their affirmation that the day was "awesome".
For the evening activity, we learned and played Cricket.  Tyler whacked the ball so hard the bat broke, but luckily we had a spare.  It was not exactly clear who won, so I guess everyone was a winner!
A truly stellar day, and now a literally stellar night (plus Venus),
Good nite!