First Day of Skiing

By Bob Geier - Posted on 17 February 2014

The day dawned bright and clear here in Vermont, with a beautiful view of the mountains… and COLD. A clear night led to a very crisp morning, but the scouts are so used to Michigan this year they had no problem at all with the cold. In fact, about half of them felt they were too warm all day.

The guys were up to the slopes early, with only a few logistics snafus… a couple of guys who didn’t tell us in advance that they were renting, Thomas forgetting his pants (it does make one wonder…), but then we were off. The morning saw various instructor groups going out and testing the greens and blues. Quite a few boys have made significant strides this year, and for the most part the step up to full Vermont intermediate trails has been successful… or at least reasonably safe.

Jacob and Thomas were handling the intermediate runs in good form, and both graduated to Level 5 / using poles, which promptly humbled them slightly. By the end of the day they were chomping at the bit to step up to expert runs. Aedan, David, Andy, and Brandon joined Scouter Ray with P.J. and Patrick taking the longest runs in Vermont working on edging and balance. By the end of the day the Vulture had them off on the longest gondola-run intermediate runs. It was getting pretty icy by then so there was some extra effort involved, but David and Brandon in particular handled the extra challenge easily.

Meanwhile, Joe Wade was out doing hard stuff with Shane, Evan, and Scouter Nathan. He’s ripping things up, if only we could teach him the rhythm for pole plants. Perhaps if Shane could have kept instructing, but mid-morning he got creamed by an out-of-control snow boarder and prudently decided to check out how good the first aid station was by taking a nap. They eventually threw him out with just a minor whiplash complaint, and he has undertaken his own treatment by insisting on occupying maximum hot tub time. Pike meanwhile tried to convince Andrew D. that if he just put everything together at once (stance, edges, etc.) that he’d be pretty good.

Back at the Round Hearth we were treated to a great fire-grilled chicken and potatoes meal, then hot tubs and a movie were in order. The movie was the conclusion of the Star Wars Christmas Special that the scouts had brought with them for reasons surpassing understanding. It very effectively repelled anyone outside our group, and I found George Lucas’s statement to be completely appropriate: that if he could smash every remaining copy with a hammer he would ! The segment of Carrie Fisher singing an aria alone is worth ten minutes of dragging fingernails across a chalk board.

The evening is slowly winding down, as we have another early morning and skiing for tomorrow. Forecast is warmer, but with snow!


it was AWESOME

totally sweet because the snow was so much better than brighton hill.

so sweet

it was actually a real ski resort

really nice

totally beyond compare to the big bumps in the earth or huge trash cans in michigan

the best

so far the best skiing that me and most other people have have gone to.

All right already!

We heard you the first time!