First Day Travels

By Bob Geier - Posted on 16 February 2014

Hello Everyone! This is Jason Dean, reporting from a church in Kingston, Canada, where sleeping bags are strewn aplenty. (A fascinating phenomenon: Boy scouts seem to like sleeping close together. Perhaps it’s their primal desire to huddle together for warmth, despite the fact that we are in a heated church room.) Unfortunately, churches in the freezing depths of Canada don’t have Wi-Fi, (reason number 44 to love the United States of AMERICA!!!!!) so this may be coming a little late.

I’ll probably be doing a blog every night to fill you in on what’s happening, and why your child will have such an expanded ‘vocabulary’ when he returns home. (Who said Scout trips didn’t teach you anything?) To be quite honest, today was pretty boring, so this first installment probably won’t be the most thrilling of the set. Although there were a few amusements like Patrick trying to take Scouter Michael’s car to the Bluewater Bridge in Port Huron. He blames Dawa.

Our departure from Lillie Park was mostly without incident (except for some people, (including a trip leader) who shall not be named, who thought the meet-up time was later than it actually was. He was probably confused because he was on Canadian time. (Reason number 45 to love the United States of AMERICA!!!!!)

After that, we drove a lot. It wasn’t really that exciting, except for a few interesting moments. There was this one stretch where there was a TON of wind turbines, and we got to see exactly how huge they really are. (Truly, it will be a grim day when they achieve sentience and decide to take over the world.) There was also a stretch near the end where there was a sign labeled “Paint Testing Strips”, and then the road exploded into a psychedelic show of road paint. It was a sight to behold. Our PLC navigators did a fine job, for the most part. (One car did go to Mexico instead of Canada. We’ve yet to receive a ransom letter, hopefully it will only be in the millions of dollars.)

Because the adults stayed in their scout uniforms, random adults all trip came up to introduce themselves and talk… and talk… and talk… Mr. Austerberry got the entire history of Troop 763 from Detroit.

Once we all arrived at the church, the scouts promptly decided to remain mature and calm while waiting for food (read: run around and cause general chaos.) Also, apparently everyone and their mother plays Magic, even Nathan Patel, literally the last person I would ever expect to do so. Right now, everyone is going to get the pizza that has just arrived, and I think I should too, lest I be saddled with the dreaded “vegetarian” slice.

Addendum: Bob is sending this with the morning donut crew. Everyone is up and packing right on time. Gosh, it’s almost like these guys know what they’re doing! We’re off!

Best wishes,