Friday Update (day 6)

By Eric Fretz - Posted on 27 July 2012

Friday Update  - Today dawned soggy, but was sunny most of the day.  With all the water from the night before, the river hike had to be cancelled because the river had become a runnable kayak route and the natural waterslide had become a  Class 5 kayaking run!!!  We're crazy... but not THAT CRAZY!  Thus, Patrol E and F both went caving together. 

Patrol E / F  - Caving   There was a section of the cave rigged with sound sensitive lights.  Thus we had Steven Jarvis yelling constantly to activate them, ha.   Ryan Tokarz overcame some trepidation and enjoyed creeping into every cave crevice.  The group got to drink from an underground waterfall, which was cool.  They also broke into song every 5 minutes.

Patrol D - Biking.  Their day was cut short on the big hill when Liam had a bit of a wipeout.  He's all right, and presently in good spirits, but has a nice collection of gauze : )   The rest of the patrol came back and exercised their gambling merit badges by gambling for food.  Proper gear and helmets, and good first aid training, ensured things turned out OK. 

Patrol G - Navigation      Patrol leader Noah and APL Dawa were in more of a supervision role, as Daniel and Will planned and led their hike.   They arrived back at the parking lot safely, so they must have learned something!
Second year David took Scouter Jim on a nice brisk hike, and by all accounts navigated flawlessly. 

Patrol A -  Rafting   The group got done early because the river was so high and fast.  Only Jackson went swimming, ejected from a major rapid.  Such high water made the run even more fun than usual.   Ryan Gooch enjoyed rafting (it was the other Ryan on yesterday's trip, ha, oops, too many Ryans).  Dylan enjoyed his trip, particularly that he did not have to use his feet!  Atticus managed to stay in the boat.  The four amigos sang songs "LET'S GO SMALL!!"  in an attempt to avoid the more exciting route through the final rapid. 

Merit Badges are wrapping up.  Some cooking for the cooking folks, some more river time for the kayakers, some building of shelters for wilderness survival.  THey build a pretty nice shelter as a team, and will come back to it if it rains to see how well it works.  We'll have to finish the badge with some sessions at Old Fretzland, but they did some nice work this week.  Now everyone is feverishily cooking pizzas on their backpacking stoves, hoping the beat the small storm that has been creeping up on us.  Perhaps we'll catch a break and it will miss us?

Plans are underway for a big patrol competition tomorrow.  We'll see if we can keep our streak unbroken of freaking out the local populace and EMS systems (with our First Aid scenarios).  Can't believe week 1 is almost over??