JLT Day 3: The Ski in 'Ski JLT'

By Jason Dean - Posted on 31 December 2012

               So, today we went skiing. Surprise, surprise. We went to the inestimable Stowe Resort, the new starting point of the robot apocalypse. The lift tickets were so high-tech, soon all of the skiers in the world will become Terminators. (Hopefully it will only be the snowboarders, then at least we won’t have intelligent terminators) In the morning, we tested people’s  skills to see what we needed to work on. Fortunately, nobody failed the aptly-named Who is Dumb Enough to Fall Off the Chairlift Test, and we made the first few runs in one piece. PJ, Jack, Nima and Shane showed their expertise, while the rest of us worked on our skills. After lunch at 12:30, (or 1:00, it depends on who you ask,) we hit the slopes again, and refined our skills. After returning, we enjoyed a relaxing game in which you sit in the hot tub, go roll around in the snow, and then return to the hot tub. Really pointless, but I didn’t have the heart to tell them. Then, we had a seminar on ski instruction, so the apprentice can become the master. (Hopefully it doesn’t end with them killing us, but I suppose only time will tell.) Now we go to bed, awaiting the big January First, a significant day due to the large number of birthdays among those filling out internet forms. See you next year! (for real this time)


-Jason Dean