JLT Day 4: You Only Ski Twice

By Jason Dean - Posted on 01 January 2013

         Hello everyone who came to the website to check if there was a meeting tonight!

          Our second day of skiing was more eventful, with many people improving on their skills, and moving up the groups. Kyle and Brendan exemplified this trait, by improving their skills and moving into the intermediate group. If they continue this trend, maybe they will transcend the upper boundary of skill, and become so good at skiing, nobody could understand it. Or maybe they'll just get pretty good. Whatever. Lunch was at 12:30, (everyone agreed this time), and then we made a risky move: we let a bunch of teenagers go loose with a bunch of metal implements strapped to their feet. However, thankfully nobody was hurt, however maybe some scouts were being too careful, as they arrived five minutes AFTER the departure time. They blame the ski lift, but nobody knows the true cause. After these unfortunate events, we had some downtime before dinner. Some scouts were captivated by glowing lights in boxes, some scouts by glowing lights on the end of sticks. After dinner, we debriefed, and recieved the pleasant surprise that vreakfast would be later tomorrow morning, and we could stay up all night watching TV sleep in. So, I suppose I'll see you all tomorrow, on our 'day off'