JLT Day 5:Tomorrow Never Skis

By Jason Dean - Posted on 03 January 2013

      Today we took a break off of skiing, allowing us to facilitate our move to the Round Hearth. Now we don't look like creepy strangers who come, eat and then just leave for no good reason! Our new "Patrol Leader of the Day" system allowed people like the Dorje brothers and Pike to step up to the plate and lead their groups. Our move out was wonderful, efficient, and we didn't forget anything! (Actually, one scout is gone, but we think that was from an unrelated incident involving a ski pole and a small nuclear power plant.) After arriving, we helped out the Round Hearth staff by bringing firewood out front, and then stacking it up.(I went to school for 10 years for this?) We then proceeded to have several top-secret meetings, about such sensitive things as what we would have for lunch, and the pretty colors of butterfly wings. You know, the important stuff. Then, Pike, Patrick and I stealthily slipped out and started making delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, on the Round Hearth's stove. No casualties were sustained in this cooking period, but Pike somehow managed to burn a hole through his shirt without noticing. After lunch, we went back to our top-secret meetings, with breaks interspersed in between, to enjoy what the place has to offer, namely a pool table, air hockey, and a racing game from the Colonial period. After all was said and done, we relaxed for the rest of the time, and did things like sit in the hot tub, although there was a problem, as I heard, with frozen hair. However, our cool new hairstyles will have to wait, as everyone is asleep except for me. (and possibly shortly Drew, once I get out of my bunk bed to put my computer away, I have to step on his bunk on the way down) However, everyone is itching to get back on the hill tomorrow. Or maybe it's just the beds.


See you tomorrow,