JLT Day 6: Ski Another Day

By Jason Dean - Posted on 04 January 2013

                After our day off, we went back to skiing. After a bit of a mixup with rental gear and its proper owners, we set off to the slopes. We started the morning with a beginner lesson from the adults, in order to show us what one would look like. Although, we went through it more quickly due to the massive amount of skill we all have. We hten went through different types of excercises for different areas, such as balance, upper body movement, edging, and not falling off cliffs. That last one is pretty important to work on, as you can probably imagine. After lunch, we went back for some more instruction. All in all, everyone improved over the course of the day. Next, after returning back to the lodge, we engaged in such pursuits as pool, racing games ,and the feature presentation of GoldenEye. Yeah. We pretty much did the same things that we did all the rest of our time here, but I guess it never gets old. After dinner, we had a top-secret meeting, and then we got some board games going, such as the classic Carcassone, and Scrabble. (Let me tell you, in that Scrabble game we certainly learned a lot of new, interesting words, especially the ones that scored high but didn't actually have a definition.) Overall, it was just another day of fun and skiing here in Vermont. The final day of skiing is looming, and I probably can't be the only one who wished it wasn't ending so soon. In any case, see you tomorrow, but more importantly, we'll see you Saturday, in person. (Assuming we didn't lose your son. I think we're probably at around three so far.)