JLT Day One: Canadians, Churches and Snow

By Jason Dean - Posted on 30 December 2012

Sorry for this post not appearing on the correct date, (yesterday) but it seems that it is a rare encounter to find wi-fi in the wild roaming in Canada. So, we went to the grand Tim Horton's, where good ol Tim gave us some free wifi!

To whomever it may concern…

Our first day of JLT was mostly spent on the icy roads of Ontario, passing by drivers less fortunate (read: less skilled) than our own who had managed to veer off the road and get themselves stuck in the torrential snow. Fortunately, our American spirit guided us through these troubled times, (shall I say, it was a driving force.) However, we unfortunately have no place to spend our Monopoly money that we have acquired from the McDonald’s. After our brave trek, we arrived at the St. Thomas Church. Then, realizing we were at the completely wrong place, we went to the similarly-named St. Andrew by the Lake’s church. The scouts then proceeded to engage in such festivities such as Statues and Duck Duck Goose, in both of which the inestimable Jason Dean dominated the competition. Meanwhile, the brave adults ventured out to retrieve the rare and valuable commodity known as “pizza”. After a brief incident with a mound of pizza resembling a landfill, we are now ready to go to bed. (Willing and able are the hard parts) And now, here are some messages that our merry band of scouts have for those watching at home.

“Hi, Mom!”- Various

“There’s Canadians here… and they’re scaring me, but the water here tastes good. Also, chocolate rain. Can I just like add a paragraph of random stuff there?” – Dawa Dorje

“hi mom I didn’t know there was a difference between bacon and Canadian bacon and when I went to mcdonalds and ordered a burger with bacon on it it gave me regular bacon not canadian bacon but when we bought pizza it came with Canadian bacon not regular bacon by the way regular bacon tastes way better than Canadian bacon” –Drew Creech

“hey mom , dad we are at the church spending the night and we will be up and leaving the church by 7:30 in the morning. I will see you when I get home and tell Taylor that I will be home soon. See you later” – Brendan Klein

“Mwaaahahahaha” – Steve (with a sponsorship from the Dawa SuperPAC – “Dedicated to changing how we do nothing”)

“Hi mom and dad they have awesome candy here see you in a week”- Shane Steinl

Heyy mom, canadia is kind of cool but the prices are extremely high and I can actually understand people! We also got to taste Canadian bacon and it doesn’t taste like the American kind. Any way ill see u in 2 weeks – Kyle Tokarz

“Ello mum I have come upon a startling conclusion. These cananadian’s are crazy they have these signs that demand the inference of the mind. The absurdity of these public notices has reached heights of ridiculing amounts. The idea that having a can will result in a hammer appearing and 500 dollars, so when you get back to a real country (like America) you can monopoly with it. – this message was automatically generated by your local chiropractor.

If your child doesn’t appear here, I think it’s safe to assume it’s because they don’t have anything interesting to say, rather than their lack of affection for you. In any event, we’ll see you tomorrow; Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

-Jason Dean