JLT Day Two: Revenge of 'Murica

By Jason Dean - Posted on 31 December 2012

Sorry for the lateness of this post, as we just did so much stuff that I have to stay up and annoy my roommates with my computer backlight. At least it's fun! 

My fellow Americans,

We have gathered today to honor the brave steps we have made out of the cold, icy, desolate space some people know as Canada, and into the cold, icy, desolate space of Vermont. However, this time it’s better because AMERICA. While the morning was largely boring, (Except for the aptly named Turbo-Mass: Lightning Round) things spiced up around lunch, when the friendly Pizza Barn told us we could get a combo of a large pizza, twelve wings, and a (very) large portion of cheese-covered bread. Needless to say, many scouts went hungry that day. In the back room, it was shown that Nick Wei and Jack Wallace are billiards experts, while Drew Creech and Shane Steinl were masters of the art of air hockey. After a step in the write direction, we set off to Stowe, Vermont. We then arrived at the Mountaineer’s Inn, however there were probably no mountaineers, so we’ll be contacting our lawyers. Then, like the Knights of Camelot of lore, we dined at the Round Hearth. Wikipedia said some nonsense about a table, but I edited it and put in the correct information, to help the masses of course. Well, apparently the Knights of the Round Hearth ate chicken enchiladas and brownies a la mode, due to their capacity for time travel. After this entirely historically accurate meal, we went to see what this grand facility had to offer. The hotel showed us some hot water in a hole in the ground, and the scouts were so captivated by it that they spent almost 15 minutes just sitting there (a rare occurrence, as it may be). After these festivities, we went to the shady underbelly of the inn, in order to conduct a seminar on ski equipment, and how far we can twist someone’s leg until their ankle breaks. On a related note, we’ll definitely need our lawyers now. Tomorrow, we will begin skiing, and put the ski in Ski JLT! With a new year comes new possibilities, and also cool new hats with “2013” on them.

See you next year! Or maybe tomorrow. Whatever.

-Jason Dean (And maybe some help by Nima)