Late Night Update

By Bob Geier - Posted on 04 June 2011

Ah, the pleasant evening at the end of a long hard day. Well, you would think that, except these guys are all still a bundle of energy. They even ran... Not walked, but RAN back from swimming.

Dinner this evening consisted of various pasta courses in the various groups, and a warm and somewhat capacious dinner was had by all. Even young Ryan managed to be "completely full". The entertainment this evening was provided by Earl, the scout God of Weather. For well nigh two hours we were treated to watching a line of storms that was marching by about 15 miles north of us while we stayed completely dry. However, after giving us plenty of warning Earl finally let the cold front move south, and gave us a good solid hammering. It was the perfect introduction to a Troop 8 trip: thunder, lightning, wind, horizontal rain, chilling out under a Thelma fly talking or finishing dinner and enjoying the show.

We're happy to report that all of the kids tents were well founded and survived without a scratch, and those sleeping out under the Thelmas did similarly well. We did have one tent casualty however, to SJ Mahowald's Coleman special. We're not exactly sure how a tent can fold without breaking a pole, but the fine engineering staff at Coleman managed it. That sadly continued the adults' bad record with tents that started on the last Venture trip. Guess we're going to have to start taking lessons from the scouts. After the storm, the parkour pack was at it again, with the Patrol D crowd led by Bean and Drew running a few miles around camp attempting to splash through every large puddle from every angle. We needed to do a few classes on "how to dress yourself" for the weather, and were treated to claims that they swore their parents told them they didn't have to bring any rain gear. Sounds like the Patrol Leaders will have some mandatory gear checks in the future. Our spares were not completely exhausted, nor were the kids, but eventually darkness and another brief rain cell sent them to bed. Everyone is warm, dry, and tired, but looking forward to a great day of parkour tomorrow. Your evening's commentator and final fire tender, Vulture