Late Reports, Day 3 (with photos!)

By Steve Zekany - Posted on 24 July 2012

Patrol A's adventure today was doing the Troop 8-style low ropes activity! They got through a few activities before getting hit by the big thunderstorm, which they waited out in the adult campsite. Patrol leaders Chris and Drew competently lead the rest of the group through a couple of group problem-solving exercises. The "lead by vocal direction only a blindfolded partner over the playground equipment" was marked with numerous entertaining issues, such as Ryan climbing as fast as he could over a HUGE 10-foot wide tire and Ben trying to climb OVER the WHOLE playground structure (the spotters broke character to say… "uh.. please don't climb any higher!"). All made it just fine in the end. During an extended lunch break, they discovered a tent that had been upended by the storm down in the campsite, apparently from not being staked down. After lunch and some time to dry out, they reconvened for a human knot exercise and an activity involving passing the whole group through holes in a rope-strung spiderweb. Atticus went first, and was lifted through one of the upper holes and then was able to jump through. Nate and Lucas were hoisted by their patrol mates through some of the top holes, which required multiple tries as they weren't still enough and touched the poisonous strands of the web. Chris went last and simply dove through one of the holes, relying on the patrol to catch him on the other side (which they did). The actual ropes challenge course we set up was wet from the rain, so they ended the day by doing a trust fall activity. Shawn was tentative about the trust-fall exercise off a 5-foot high rock they found near the campsite, but he went for it in the end! In the end, they wrapped up by having ice cream from the camp store and then heading back down to camp before the next line of thunderstorms hit.

The brave souls of Patrol F headed out to nearby Meadow Creek for a rather unique troop 8 activity: the river hike. Equipped with water gear and life jackets, they hiked down the middle of the creek, checking out several cool natural waterslides along the way. Brendan lead the charge, often shooting off far ahead of the group in his enthusiasm to check out the next cool place. The crawfish of the creek seemed to really like finding their way into the bottom of Aden sandals, probably hiding from Devin who was looking high and low for them throughout the day. Lead by fearless patrol leader Mason, the group survived torrential rain and the slippery rocks to make it safely (although soaking wet) back to camp.

The dashing denizens of D enjoyed a fun soggy day of navigation with the benevolent and kind Mr. Fretz! They spent the first part of class rigging a thelma off the back of his van "just in case" (which came in handy as the storms rolled in 30 minutes later). Class under the thelma was cozy, and the practice exercises went well. We all had a good laugh at texted pictures coming in from the camp, with tents blown over. Then with the weather clearing, the groups headed off on their hikes. They again did quite well. Jack's group did their hike so quickly, Mr Fretz ordered them back into the woods, to hike 15 minutes down a trail, then bushwhack off the trail for 10 minutes until lost, then get unlost. (you have to keep them challenged). They did just fine. THe last group, supervised by Jackson, arrived just as the heavens opened up again. We then proceeded back to camp, BUT YET AGAIN, there were navigational problems. Mr. Fretz went PAST camp and ended up in Ohiopyle, and his car stopped working RIGHT in front of the ice cream shop. Terrible... just terrible. BUT the boys handled this difficult turn of events well. Later on, I swapped my Survival group for the gambling group because somehow I'm some expert on Poker or something. I can say that Mason and Jason both have mastered the basics of poker (with Jason crushing a hand with a full house, and Mason sucking out a big pot wiht a Queen on the river for the best 2pair, but (in case you were wondering where the big pots came from) Lucas, Shane, and Shawn continue to bet big with stufff like 2-7 off-suit as their hole cards. On the hand that Mason won, Zack asked me for advice and I told him to fold (but he had what would have been the winning hand!) So, we will work on that. It was the most amusing hour of poker I have dealt in many a year. : )

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