Midweek Photos

By Earl (God) - Posted on 20 February 2014

Here are some midweek photos from our various troop photographers for your enjoyment!

Shane leads a parade celebrating Canada's famed eatery.  All of the scouts for some reason march in order.


Be sure to click on this entry to see more photos!


 Lunch stop at the Pizza Barn, as the boys wait for their pizza order to be prepared.



First breakfast at the Round Hearth.  Food all week has been awesome.


A mess of guys at the start of the week enjoying their first run.


Captain Pike giving lessons to his guys on Day 1.  Yes, he is apparently Captain Canada on this trip.


The brothers Nima and Dawa demonstrate proper form for parallel skiing as well as syncronized ski dancing.


Maks and Andrew on their first run down Merry Peril on the gondola lift area. 


Adam on Merry Peril.  Note the Troop 8 carnage in the background on the right.


Andrew Duquette before instruction. 


Andrew Duquette after instruction.  Starting to look good!


Instructor Shane Steinl demonstrating good form.